Anger, Fear, Jealously and Sheltering in Place

I wrote this post back when our county was in lock down. I don’t know why I didn’t post it then. I guess it was because of all the fear, confusion and frustration with Covid.  Or maybe I just didn’t think it was good enough to post. That is an issue of mine. But, I […]

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I Have Bragging Rights

I need to brag a bit on my husband. Overall, you need to know that I think he is pretty awesome. But, let me tell you something. The man is growing. Now I am not talking about the scale blowing up, I am talking about this mans skills. When we moved to our present state […]

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A Caregiver’s Story…. Christmas Number Two

I dreamed about mom last night. At first I thought the dream was a gift to answer my questions. But, the more I analyzed, the more it seemed that my dream asked the same questions that I’ve always had. I thought I had been dealing with the loss of my mom pretty well. This is, […]

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Meet Stella

In March we adopted this girl from our local shelter.  The above picture shows her personality pretty well.  She is funny and quirky and oh so serious, sometimes. The first couple days we had her we were like oh S@x# what did we get ourselves into. And on the second day, I was out walking […]

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An Old Soul

“Old souls have trouble fitting in sometimes, but they often have unparalleled wisdom to share.” My dear friend and I were talking and she said that people have told her that she has an old soul, and I agreed that she does.  But then she asked me, “What does it mean to have an old soul?”  […]

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