A Newer Vision

Growing up I dreamed of being a successful business woman. In my vision I lived in an elegantly furnished house. My three plus car garage housed two or more high end vehicles. And my high paying career would endow me with vacations and toys of the grownup kind. I never imagined myself as a farmer. I wasn’t raised in a household where I was encouraged to get my hands in the dirt. I didn’t mow a lawn until I was well into my twenties. And didn’t grow my first tomato till I was in my thirties; but a farmer type is what I am growing up to be.
I am not growing up to be the stereo-typical acre upon acre crop growing farmer. No, I have a keen desire to raise chickens, goats, bees and grow my own food. These days instead of a block of elegant house I see acres of lush land surrounding me. I easily imagine the chickens scratching in the side yard, miniature goats butting heads in the back thirty and mulched beds of vegetables, fruits and herbs spreading out around me. Oh, and don’t forget those sweet little honeybees pollinating the plethora of goods and providing me with a bonus of fresh honey!
I have to wonder at times if this new vision is bigger than I am. It is so much more then wanting to grow unadulterated food. (Fresh, organic -knowing exactly how each and every item was grown or made.) I want to teach people how to do this. I want them to unlearn a lifetime of unhealthy choices with a diet consisting of processed- in-an-instant drive through type of eating. Teach those who chose to learn that this is a lifestyle and a choice. To teach them what real food should taste like. Teach them that healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and can taste like heaven. It’s my passion, desire and my dream.
Passion can do a lot to get me to my dream but, there are miles to go and I am often overwhelmed with how to get there and where to start. My head knows it is a step by step process and that it won’t be accomplished quickly. It is difficult to not want it now. I have much to learn.

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