A Tribute to Cece

A Tribute to Cece

One day, about six or seven years ago, (who can really keep track?) we went to the animal shelter looking for a cat, and we came home with you. You were a scrawny bug-eyed cattle dog mix who was found wandering alone on highway 75. The shelter named you Cece (as in CC Rider the song) and we decided it suited you and so you came into our lives.
Once you got to know us you realized we were good humans and would take care of you and never hurt you. Your bed was soft and warm and you ate as much food as we would allow you to eat. You hiked, swam and got impatient with all of us when we wouldn’t be herded to your satisfaction. Even though you were short in motherly instinct, you took Callie, taught her manners and protected her with the fierceness of a biological mom.
You were a sweet, serious, loyal girl who did not know how to play. For you, every adventure was a job to be done. In your life you never got over your fear that we would abandon you. But still you trusted us. You had to teach us what a smart girl you were and you were SMART. Even though you could never have been a working girl, you were too afraid of sheep and cattle to be so; you worked your humans and kept us on the straight and narrow path.
You’ve had a good life. Rest in peace baby girl.

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