A Caregiver’s Story…. The intro

Early last week, my mom signed up for Hospice care. Hospice Defined. We currently aren’t sure if Hospice is the way to go but we are taking a wait and see approach before we decide. I suspect if mom goes into a crisis we will know. Either way, in 90 days the Hospice will do an evaluation – that evaluation will be on both sides, not just the Hospice.

I am documenting this journey in the hopes that I can share my feelings, frustrations and in the end maybe help someone. And maybe someone will offer a kind word or advice … just when I need it most..

However, be forewarned – Sorry folks, I am not a proponent of pussy footing around when it comes to words. I don’t use euphemisms like “passing.” It isn’t my job to cuddle you, so if you aren’t comfortable with words like dead, dying, death you might not want to read my blog.

Where do I start? Do I start from the beginning or pick up from today. I just don’t know yet.

Life changes and life change has propelled me in a new direction. Let’s see where this takes me, and how far I can go.


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