A Caregiver’s Story…. How much to Tell?

I am a bit frustrated trying to decide how much to talk about here. How in-depth do I get into procedures, the how to’s and how did we get there’s? I already see myself needing to scale back the word pictures that I write. With all the information invading and crowding my head, I could create a book. So, how much is too revealing and intrusive? Even though I battle with the thought of invading mom’s privacy; at the same time, I feel a need to tell the story for my sanity. I also believe that in writing about events as they happen, time cannot distort my memories.
Another question I ask, who do I allow to know about the blog? If I make the writing public, I know at some point friends and family will read this. It’s just going to happen. But, if I don’t share it, what would be the point? Though, I suppose, writing about it would be cathartic, even if no one ever read a word


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