Braised Paprika Chicken – The Creation

All righty! Tonight we made the Braised Paprika Chicken for dinner.  I must say mom and I thought it was pretty tasty, a definite keeper for our dinner rotation.

This recipe didn’t call for any garlic and I didn’t add any.  People who know me know I think just about everything tastes better with garlic but in this dish I am not sure if garlic would enhance the flavor or detract from it.  However, when I make this recipe again, and believe me I WILL make it again, I will try it with fresh minced garlic and sauté it with the onions. 

As I stated in my previous post, the changes that I made:  I used olive oil instead of canola oil.  I used full fat sour cream and regular chicken broth, not low sodium.  Additionally I didn’t use any of the recommended salt and honestly, I don’t think it needed it, at least I didn’t add any to my serving like I normally would. The recipe called for two types of peppers but I used mushrooms instead of green peppers.  Wow, I thought I didn’t change the recipe but, apparently I did.  😉

The other items that I think might be noteworthy, the recipe calls for 4 cups of diced onions, it might seem like a lot but really it isn’t. If you cook like me, rarely using measuring devices, 4 cups of diced onions is about 2 medium onions. I would recommend using bone-in skinless chicken.  If you are a leg and thigh fan like I am use those. It will make the whole dish full of flavor.

I hope you do try it sometime and when you do, let me know what you think.  Happy cooking!

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