A Caregiver’s Story…. The Turning Point

Different, how different was this stay. 

Mom’s red blood cell count was low, 21.  During the week the hospital slowly dripped two pints of blood and three bags of iron into moms system.  The doctor asked if we were aware of any internal bleeding because of moms low red blood cell count and anemia.  Has mom noticed any coffee ground like substances in her stools??  No?  Maybe down the road you should consider a colonoscopy.  (Thank you, no.  It took me three to six months to get her system back to normal from the last one.)There were a couple of doses of Prednisone, to help open moms lungs.  All in all nothing to out of the ordinary when it came to the procedures.

About midway through mom’s stay the doctor spoke to me about moms’ prognosis.  In a matter of fact way she explained that mom’s disease is such that they cannot cure it. They can only manage the symptoms.  That mom, in the docs’ opinion, because of the progression of her disease has six months to a year to live.  The doctor suggested I talk to the floor social worker about long-term care facilities or would we consider hospice care? 

Yep, I’d say this visit was a bit different.

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