Food is Medicine

I have attached a link at the end of this entry.  The link has a video of Dr. Terry Wahls who says she reversed her MS with food.  This video is the more Western version of what I believe about food and the energetics of food.  I believe that food is medicine.  I also believe that the average American diet is crap and that crappy diet is slowly destroying our health.  I believe that the fast food grab-and-go-as-fast as we can mentality is killing us. 

I have so many words building up inside of me as I contemplate this post… how does one person beg and plead with their fellow beings to change their dietary habits for their own health?  How does a person drum into another, that as Dr. Wahls states, pay for it now with your food or pay for it later with doctors, medicines, disability and long-term care.

On a small scale I have seen what food can do for a person.  During my last rehabilitative  stay with mom I got rid of all the packaged and processed food that lurked in her freezer.  In turn I bought fresh meats, vegetables and fruit – her crisper bin at this very moment is JAMMED with fresh vegetables. It took about six months to see improvement in her health (she had colitis and another digestive issue at the time) but her health improved significantly.  She had energy and mental vibrancy.  Consistently people were telling her that they couldn’t believe that she was in her early 80’s, she looked THAT good. I honestly believe that fresh food is what has kept mom going for as long as it has. 

I will step off of my soapbox for now because I could wax on for a while.  Food is what I am passionate about.  Food is medicine.  I want to teach my little corner of the world to take the time to eat and cook. 

Do me a favor, etch out 18 minutes to watch someone else  scientifically explain about my passion. 

Dr. Terry Wahls

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