My Sort of Vacation

The past couple of days I’ve been at my house, getting the outside ready for winter. (In case you were wondering, my sister is staying with mom while I am out of town.) Where I own my home, it can start snowing by mid-October and we won’t see the ground till May.  We may see the ground earlier if the snowfall isn’t heavy. 

We put away, cleaned, weeded (a little), pruned, raked, completely removed a gigantic gangly bush out of the garden, loaded the truck with yard debris and made a dump run.  Near my house there is a part to the dump that you can bring yard debris and dump it for free!  I love free.  (If I had known about it during the summer I would have had the roomie bringing the grass clippings to the dump and gotten a smaller garbage can and saved myself a few dollars in trash pick-up!)  

But speaking of grass clippings, I really really want a compost bin but others in the house seem reluctant. Hmmm, that could be my imagination….??  The problem is, we don’t have a large yard and the other items I would really really like to have such as; a chicken tractor, bee hives, a decent sized edible garden- including an array of fruit trees and bushes, might, just MIGHT take precedence over a compost bin as each item will take up precious yard space.  Perhaps that silly storage shed that someone else really really wants will be erected before all of my really really wants. 😉 Sigh.

Oh well, it only takes money, and yard space.

 Anyway, I should be back with mom in a few days and continuing her tale.  Until then, be good, and if you can’t be good, do your best to not get caught!

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