A Caregiver’s Story …. The Spoiler

So you already know the decision because the spoiler was told at the intro of the blog.  Yes, mom did decide to sign up for hospice.  At this point Hospice sounds like a good option.  Someone will come in regularly to check mom’s vitals and we have someone to turn to in the event of another episode, no having to drive to the ER or enjoy an extended stay at the hospital.

The company contracted out with the hospice will deliver the medical equipment with the expectation that mom will be coming home on the following day. And I don’t need to drive the thirty miles (one way) to spring mom from the hospital.  Mom will be delivered home by cabulance, and she’s surprisingly excited about the cabulance ride.

My sister in law invited me over for dinner so we can chat about mom’s decision to begin hospice.  It’s never fun talking to people about someone dying let alone talking about a parent.  The conversation went much better than I anticipated.  In the past, my brother has spent a lot of energy trying to deflect and deny that our mother’s health is fading and eventually she’s going to die.  I was happy that he didn’t try to dodge the information I was giving him. But I needed to head home to get the house ready for the incoming medical equipment. 

Originally mom stated that she wanted the hospital bed in the living room.  The longer I thought about it, the more horrified I thought this idea was.  Mom isn’t bed bound, she isn’t in pain and her situation is nothing like what you see in the movies when a person is dying.  Her bed does not need to be in the living room; this would only encourage her to spend more time in bed.  So, I called her when I left my brothers and asked mom if the living room was REALLY was where she wanted the bed.  She said she had thought about it and decided that she isn’t bed bound so no, please put the hospital bed in the bedroom.  Sigh of relief, thank goodness.

So, I headed home to take apart mom’s room.  I took apart her queen sized bed frame, vacuumed and brought boxes that were under her bed upstairs.  I couldn’t carry the mattress upstairs, so that will have to wait.

I find it strange that I am very comfortable in this newest role of caregiver.

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