A Caregiver’s Story …. The Equipment

Durable medical equipment, CHECK! Delivered. We received, one adjustable hospital bed, a 10 Liter condenser, a portable commode, a nebulizer, a table to go over the hospital bed, O2 bottles and appropriate accessories, and a wheelchair.  I feel like I am missing something. Ahh… the portable O2 will come another day.

The gentleman, who delivered the equipment was polite and efficient, if not slightly ummm…. sarcastic about the company he works for.  Because they are contracted through the hospice he was additionally scoffing at some of the decisions and choices that the hospice makes.  I must say that his commentary was not instilling confidence in me and my first intro into hospice but he was making me chuckle.

He went over the workings of the equipment – wash the filters on the condenser about once a week but only in water. The head and foot of the bed hydraulically raises and lowers but the height of the bed adjusts with a  manual crank. In my head I’m thinking mom is going to hate the bed.  She is used to a queen and this is a TWIN! He showed me how to install the regulators on the portable air bottles ( I didn’t tell him I already knew how they worked) He gave me manuals, had me sign the delivery sheet, asked if I had and questions and off he went.

After seeing the delivery guy off, I walked back into the house; what is that smell?? The house smelled a bit like a hospital.  The new equipment must omit a disinfectant smell. So I got together a pot of water, cinnamon and vanilla to brew on the stove.  I think it helps.

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