A Caregiver’s Story…. The Release.

Mom’s breathing is improved and is back down to 3 liters of flow, so the hospital is finally sending her home via cabulance. I am relieved to not drive the distance to pick her up, yet I pace waiting at home for her return.

As the cabulance backed into the driveway I could see mom in her knit cap, grinning widely,  eating lunch while patiently sitting in the back of the cabulance. The cabulance opens up from the back so a patient can be wheeled in, in a wheelchair, then strapped in and locked down so they don’t roll about inside the body of the van.

Shortly after mom got home, the intake nurse from the hospice came by. This bubbly 20 something RN who, at her admittance, will never see mom again. I am disappointed we may never see her in reference to mom’s care, she is just that nice.
Mom appears to be and states that she is very overwhelmed with all the bustle and questions.  There are so many things to decide. I am glad that no decision needs to be permanent.

I don’t think mom or I understand the complete relevance to the decision to register for Hospice but, to not have to go back to the hospital sounds like a very good idea.  In the past six years we have spent too much time in the hospital.  Time at home with “comfort care”, sounds luxurious at this point.

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