A Caregiver’s Story…. Batteries Versus Bottles

The respiratory therapist called and asked to come by and evaluate mom’s breathing. In my thinking, it was more of an appointment to try to convince her to use the portable bottles instead of the battery operated condenser.  They say that the evaluation decides if mom qualifies for the portable machine.  A portable battery operated device, to me, seems more logical than refillable bottles.  With the bottles you have to calculate how many you need to bring along if you decide  to go somewhere.  And what if you calculate incorrectly?  If you’ve calculated incorrectly it’s time to head home, even if you just got to the BEST part of the movie.

With the battery operated device there isn’t that problem of calculating – when you are in the car – you plug it into the cigarette lighter thingy and it charges the battery as you drive along.  Mom wants the battery operated condenser so between her and I, we should be able to convince the hospice to allow her to use it. 

A couple of hours after the RT left,  my sister-in-law and her sister stopped by for a spell.  Unfortunately during mom’s hospital stay they were unable to visit.  I understand their reasons and completely support them on their choice. So it was wonderful that they came by and brought with them a beautiful flower arrangement. The house needed a pop of color!

 It was a nice visit but I think mom was ready for them to go when they decided to leave.  One thing they did say, and was a complete encouragement to me, they offered me help, from additional family, if I need some time away.  I asked mom if she was comfortable with the help that was offered.  Her only question was, “Can they cook?”  That’s mom for you, thinking about her next meal. 😉

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