A Caregiver’s Story…. No Nonsense

Mom’s case nurse came by. This no nonsense nurse did a very thorough questioning and went over ALL of mom’s medication with her. All told she was at the house for over two hours. Because of how long the visit was taking she kept asking, “When do we get to paint my room?” Unfortunately for No Nonsense, Mom and I had quite a few questions to ask.
In addition to all the questions and medication check, there was a quick listen to mom’s heart and lungs. No Nonsense pronounced moms lungs pretty darn clear, and asked “WHY are you on hospice again?” Clear lungs are music to my ears and just what I needed to hear after a week of hearing about fluid clogged lungs. “Keep her that way.” I stated and the nurse began her dissertation of what hospice care is and what it is not.
This is the second person who subtly questioned why is mom on hospice. I am beginning to wonder if these medical professionals are reading chart notes or talking to the doctors who recommended hospice in the first place. If only they could have seen mom on the day she was admitted into the hospital. I want them to see mom on a bad day before they start questioning or trying to boot her off of hospice, just because she appears to be doing well.
To top the day off perfectly No Nonsense asked what county mom lives in. Mom might not be eligible for this hospice care as mom lives in “the wrong” county. Now that would just be peachy, the hospice coming and taking all the equipment back and then equipment coming in from someone else, and going through the whole rigmarole of admitting into a different hospice. If they withdraw their care, because of county issues, I think mom may decide to skip it.

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