Fresh Homemade Rolls

just out of the oven

I tried my hand at homemade rolls tonight. Why? Because we needed something to go with the turkey and vegetable soup we were having for dinner. I thought about buying rolls but with a quick search on Google I found this lovely recipe. They were quick and as easy as the author said. However, I did not have a stand mixer nor a dough hook, so I mixed it all with my own hands! Mixing by hand wasn’t that difficult as the batch was fairly small.

Mom loved the rolls as she adores bread more than the average person. My opinion? They weren’t bad for my first attempt at quick rolls. (I cook but I rarely bake so this is a fairly new adventure for me.) I thought they were a bit on the sweet side and I made the size of each roll just a little bit too big. Being big, they took longer to bake. But my favorite thing is how fast this bread dough comes together. Cooking time notwithstanding, I think I had them oven ready in less than thirty minutes.

Next time I make them I’ll try a little less sugar and a pinch more salt. One other option to try with this dough, I might use a muffin tin and roll three small balls into each muffin cup and make a pull apart roll. If I made the rolls like a pull apart, I would leave the ingredients as is, a little on the sweeter side.

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