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33 Didja Knows for December

Here are some short, snappy health factoids we all need to know–to understand how we got where we are or how to avoid going where we don’t want to go.

1. Didja know a fruit diet whacks your pancreas something fierce?

2. Didja know fructose leads to pancreatic cancer?

3. Didja know osteoporosis medications make bones brittle?

4. Didja know fluoride-based antibiotics, such as Cipro, tear up tendons?

5. Didja know Synthroid doesn’t really treat low thyroid?

6. Didja know statins cause congestive heart failure?

7. Didja know statins cause Type 2 diabetes?

8. Didja know birth control pills whack the thyroid something fierce?

9. Didja know the mineral iodine gets rid of cysts?

10. Didja know there’s a breath test to check for stomach cancer?

11. Didja know it’s hard to get up in the morning if your adrenals are pokey?

12. Didja know underperforming adrenal glands can take away your joy?

13. Didja know low adrenals make you easy to distract?

14. Didja know low adrenals cause inflammation, then disease?

15. Didja know taking aspirin skyrockets your risk of macular degeneration?

16. Didja know mosquitoes steer clear of people who get Vitamin B, especially B1?

17. Didja know Restless Leg Syndrome can signal vitamin/mineral deficiencies?

18. Didja know lying raises stress levels, BP and pulse? And then again when you have to remember what you said!

19. Didja know out-of-control candida can make you sensitive to scents?

20. Didja know out-of-control candida causes urinary tract infections?

21.Didja know low thyroid can cause clogged sinuses?

22. Didja know antihistamines make you gain weight?

23. Didja know an iodine deficiency can be diagnosed as ADHD?

24. Didja know raging candida can cause hypothyroidism?

25. Didja know antibiotics give candida a boost?

26. Didja know craving salt suggests adrenal problems?

27. Didja know hot water opens your pores so more fluoride gets in?

28. Didja know constantly red palms can point to liver disease?

29.  Didja know broken blood vessels on your face indicate digestive problems?

30. Didja know stiff, puffy fingers can mean an underactive thyroid?

31. Didja know hacky coughing can mean interstitial lung disease?

32. Didja know Tylenol can cause hearing loss?

33. Didja know fluoridated water increases dentists’ income?

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