A Caregiver’s Story….. Particulars

Mom and I had a chat that she might “graduate” from hospice. (I think that they will discharge her soon because everyone seems to keep asking why is mom on hospice.) And if that is the case, we should take advantage of hospice services while we can because if she does graduate, once again we will be without a knowledgeable guide to go to for direction.

There are times when I need advice about what to do or where to turn for certain things.  Things like how long do we let a fever go on?  Is there a good knowledgeable lawyer in the area that deals with eldercare? Is there a better way to deal with real estate inheritance? How does it affect our tax base?  Who comes to the house for pedicures and haircuts?

We also talked about updating her information so I would know how to locate her bank accounts; or what about prepay cremation services or what she would like at her memorial service.  As usual, she is concerned with costs and worries that there won’t be any one to attend a memorial.  The extended family that she has left, a lot are in the Midwest and many of her friends have already died.

The last thing we talked about was long term facility care.  I can’t tell for sure if she is still interested in it.  When the social working comes to the house, we will ask what information he has on a local elder care lawyers and long term care facilities.  When I spoke to the doctor she indicated that there are only a few facilities that offer the appropriate levels of care that mom needs that are covered by Medicare.  I am not sure how I feel about a facility that is paid ONLY by Medicare. What quality of care would she receive there?

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