A Caregiver’s Story…. To Stay or Go

I spoke to my sister about the decisions that mom has chosen for her long-term care.  Mom still says she wants to be on Hospice care UNTIL she sells her townhouse and can move into a long-term care facility. She does not wish to burden the family with having to sell her home, after she is gone.  She also does not wish to burden me with caring for her.  She worries for my health and that I won’t have time off to relax or have a little fun.

In my opinion, I would like mom to stay in her home till she dies.  To me that seems the most comfortable option for her.  There are a lot of stresses in moving, downsizing and relocating. However, if she is unable to agree and settle into being comfortable at home, we will find her a long care facility to stay at, even if I don’t agree with it.

On a positive note, No Nonsense phoned and said that mom doesn’t need to change hospice companies.  It seems since she registered in the “correct” county, they will continue to cover her even though she actually lives in a different county. That is a big relief to not have to switch.


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