To Tag or not to Tag

In publishing this post, there is a potential that y’all may find me stupid or naive. But, I have questions and I am not sure where else to ask. (I have read the WordPress tutorial) My question is about tagging and I wonder if I should be tagging my posts.  I’m not sure. But, perhaps y’all can help me a bit.

  • How do you feel tagging is different then categorizing posts?
  • If you tag your posts, how do you choose your tags?
  • Do you find tagging useful?
  • Did I read correctly that tagging allows others to find you through your tags?

As the number of posts grow, I wonder if tags will make it easier for others to find a particular topic.  I would really appreciate y’alls input. If I have missed an important point about tagging please feel free to mention it.

Thanks much.

  1. #1 by Yellow Mum Blog on February 6, 2014 - 11:11 pm

    I usually choose tag words from the blog entry I’ve written for that day.


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