A Caregiver’s Story…. Sisu

Today was a day spent fighting with different companies about bills and refunds.

I spoke with moms last durable equipment company about the condensers and paraphernalia mom has to return. (The hospice requires that we use their contracted company.) Mom still has their battery operated portable, three batteries (two of them are four hour batteries that came with the portable and one seven hour extended battery that she purchased) and a condenser. They didn’t want to take back the extended battery that mom bought and refund her money.  For heavens sake, she didn’t even get to use the extended battery! I told the gentleman in customer service that I would fight him if they chose to deny the return.  It clearly states in the paperwork sent with the battery they will take the return – with a $99 restocking fee.   He finally gave me a return number to put on the shipping box.  I need to be sure I document that they did get the battery back, just in case they don’t refund mom’s credit card.

And mom got the invoice for the cabulance ride.  The bill was invoiced for $60 instead of the stated $35.  I told mom to call and fight it.  She called and with little argument they dropped the invoice back to $35.

Yeah for SISU!  Us stubborn Finns can get things done our way when we want to!!


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