A Caregiver’s Story…. Too Healthy for Hospice?

No Nonsense stopped by and  pronounced mom in good health.  There is good news and bad news in that simple statement.  NN  is wondering if mom is too healthy for Hospice.  NN then proceeded to explain that even though mom may eventually have a down turn that she may not qualify to stay on Hospice.  She will talk about moms good health at the weekly round table discussions that the Hospice staff have.  But I think NN is preparing us for the fact that the Hospice doctor may evaluate mom and “graduate her.” I dread the thought of going through all these changes once again, with new equipment if they deem her too healthy for hospice.

Even so, mom still doesn’t quite understand why the doctor recommended Hospice and I can’t seem to find the right words to explain it.  Mom’s disease(s) are not curable and I think the doctor thought that mom might be tired of all the hospital visits. (Which isn’t entirely true.)  The doctor also saw mom at one of her lowest points in her disease progression.  If The doctor saw mom now she might have a different thing to say about a recommendation for hospice.  FYI:  generally a doctor with recommend Hospice if they feel a patient has six months or less to live.

On a positive note regarding some of my questioning on Hospice medical protocol. I did get more information from NN regarding what our Hospice will and won’t do – they MIGHT drain fluid from moms lungs, they MIGHT give her blood but they do consider those invasive procedures.  NN said that it isn’t against their policy to do them nor are they against sending a patient to the hospital for procedures generally at the patients request.  I feel better about hospice treatment knowing these things. I do think that if they do kick mom off hospice that it won’t be too long before there will be talk of putting her back on.  Her episodes are becoming more and more frequent. It has been five months, two months and again about two months between each episode, you can’t tell me that the frequency is getting longer between them.

Bottom line, mom is not ready to die yet and will fight tooth and nail to stay alive for as long as she can.


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  1. #1 by Dog Tales: A Hospice Dog Blog on March 20, 2014 - 1:44 pm

    All the best to you and your mother. If hospice should ever come into your mother’s life, the care she will receive will be phenomenal (or so at least we hope). Hospice is an exceptional service to not only the patient, but to you as the caregiver.


    • #2 by Daring to Dream it on March 23, 2014 - 9:27 am

      All information that I have heard from relatives of patients that have been on hospice, in the states, has been positive.


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