A Caregiver’s Story….. Mechanical Beds

It is a routine kind of day. I’m sure I have mentioned, I like routine days.  They’re calming.  We changed mom’s sheets and put a smaller mattress pad on the mattress. We also put different bedding on the bed. I originally had used the quilt and bedspread from her queen bed but it is much too large for the twin hospital bed. The queen spread puddles on the floor, and I am afraid mom might trip over it.

I was looking on line at mechanical beds in the event that mom may graduate from hospice.  Mom likes her hospital bed but, she says she would like something larger.  Costco has a full size mechanical for around $1300.  I found a couple other websites that are selling regular hospital beds but no pricing.  I wonder if the case social worker might have some resources to contact to buy or rent one.

As I was talking to mom about her options for a new bed, she brought up the bed from the hospital. She stated that the bed wasn’t too bad as it felt a little bit bigger than the one at home.  And then, I don’t know how we got talking about her weight.  Maybe it was left over in her brain from the conversation that we had with NN about the families concern about mom’s weight loss.  But, she said, “You don’t think I have cancer and they didn’t tell me?” I told her that I think if she had cancer that the doctor would have said something to someone.  And unfortunately for me, I don’t keep secrets very well. Plus mom’s appetite is good.  But she has dropped down to 183. That weight is only a pound down from when she got home from the hospital.  However, if she keeps losing, it is concern.

My biggest concern is how overly tired she is.  I know she shouldn’t be doing cartwheels around the house and exhibiting tons of energy just yet. But fairly regularly she comments about how tired she is.  She really is and I can tell.  I need to quit pacifying her and really talk to her. I need to quit down playing it and let it register in my head that maybe there is something more going on. I need to let her voice her concern.

As we are waiting for dinner to heat, I can hear that mom has the television on.  It is unusual for mom to turn on the TV with the exception of Dancing with the Stars.  Mom loves Dancing with the Stars.

So at dinner I asked mom if she felt concerned about being so tired.  She said, “No. I figure I am still recovering from the hospital stay.”  Ok… good.


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