Glanuloma Annulare

I have a skin condition called Granuloma Annulare. I have had a few stares from people and appreciate it a whole lot more when people ask what is wrong as opposed to just staring.  Not knowing makes you scared, I get it… cause I may be contagious.  It is not contagious.  But the raised red spots make me feel ugly.

GA can look like ringworm and the majority of my bumps are in a ring shape or are a round dot.  They do not blister, they do not weep. They are occasionally itchy, especially when coming to the surface. My favorite bump was in the shape of a heart.   I have been told and I have read, that there is no known cause  nor a cure for GA.  Everything indicates that I have to live with it – grin and bear it- and it should go away on it’s own in 2-5 years.  It has not gone away. It’s gotten worse.

I have done a lot of reading on this subject, as you can only imagine.  I have been scouring for a loophole, a treatment or cure.  One day as I was reading about my thyroid… I have that condition too… but I am getting ahead of myself.  I was article hopping and there was one sentence that read, and I am paraphrasing, “An absolute must for those with Hashimotos is to go gluten free.  It can cause a skin rash.”  Light bulb. I have not been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s but  over a course of weeks information began clicking together like a puzzle.  My skin condition is theorized to be a by-product of thyroid disease.  Some thyroid diseases are considered an auto-immune disease. Some argue that ALL thyroid issues are auto-immune.  Certain types of gluten sensitivities or celiac disease are considered auto-immune. I’m not sure if anyone else would put two and two together and get four but I sure did, at least I hoped so.

The reason I was once again reading about  gluten sensitivity was because of the prompting of the Hashimotos statement. But I had the stomach bug for a couple of days and was curious if the fogginess I was feeling was because of detoxing from going gluten free or  was I still feeling effects from the bug.

As I was reading, the term skin rash popped up again and it reminded me once again of the progression… gluten… thyroid… auto-immune.  For me that information demanded some answers.  I started researching GA and gluten sensitivity.  In this short time I have not seen any scientific research, just a few people claiming Hallelujah from the grandstands! They have cut out gluten out of their diet and their GA is going away.

So, I am trying it.  What have a got to loose but a few bumps. Just to be sure I am on the right path.. I ordered a gluten sensitivity blood test.

Going Gluten Free is curing My Glanuloma Annulare discussion  that really got me excited.  Hey maybe it will even help my thyroid.

I got the results of the test and it came back negative.  However, I know to the bottom of the soles of my feet that there is some kind of connection.  While eating wheat free, my skin was less red.  At the urging of a friend I am going to try the elimination diet.  That’s the attempt of eliminating known allergy causing  foods from your diet, for a period of time, and then reintroducing them to see if you have a reaction.  So, my search continues.

By they way folks.  I must remind you I am not a doctor.  I read, and study and share information that I find.  I strongly urge anyone with any problems to do your own research and figure out for yourself or with the help of a doctor. If a doctor tells you it is all in your head and you just KNOW something is wrong, don’t be afraid to fire your doctor.



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