A Caregiver’s Story…. A Short Conversation on Death.

This morning we packed up to head to mom’s dentist.  The appointment itself was uneventful, only a routine cleaning.  The excitement came with a flying  from outta nowhere rock that spider webbed moms windshield. I don’t think that they can fill this one.  The windshield will probably need to be replaced.

Despite the excitement of that silly ol rock…

On the drive home from the dentist, we had a short, and to the uninitiated, slightly morbid talk about dying and death.  We chatted about how at times our thoughts can creep us out.  Like mom saying she thinks it’s strange knowing her body will be cremated and burned in a furnace  (cremation chamber or retort).  But when thinking it through she says she recognizes that her physical body is only a shell and that “She” won’t be there. That lead to  who mom wants to use for her cremation services.  She was thinking of one company about forty five minutes away… I’m for a more local company for convenience, just sayin’.

Chatting about cremation somehow sequed into her belief that there is life after death.  It seemed we both agreed that it would be sad to think that there is nothing to look forward to after living in this world for X amount of years, or  that a person completely stops to exist after they die. I want to believe she finds comfort in the thought that she will continue on after she dies. I know for a fact she will live on in my heart.

I am grateful that we can openly talk about death and dying.



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