A Caregiver’s Story…. Visitors

My sister and her husband are coming for a visit.  Mom perked up when she heard that they’re coming.  Of course she did, what mother doesn’t enjoy visits from her children.  I am desperately hoping that with this visit, mom will keep doing what she needs to do to stay healthy.  Last time she had visitors; mom didn’t rest enough and felt a need to “entertain.”  After the guests left, my exhausted mom crashed and ended up in the hospital for a week.

I am amazed at the timing of my sisters’ expected arrival. It’s nearly a divine intervention… or dare I say serendipity?  I’ve been trying to decide what to do for mom while I tend to my own house for a short stint.  At this point in mom’s recuperation, I don’t want to leave her alone.  It isn’t that she can’t take care of herself.  She isn’t feeble. My biggest concern is if something were to physically happen without someone there who understands her disease and how mom wishes to deal with it.  Plus mom has gotten used to me making dinner.  I have grown a sizable pile of frozen meals in the freezer. But with my sister here, I don’t think they will need or use them.


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