A Caregiver’s Story…. The New Normal

Mom took a shower and now she is taking a nap.  I am glad that she allows herself a nap if she feels like she needs one.  But, it is out of character for her to nap.  Additionally, Mom has been watching more television then she has in the past.  It usually isn’t for very long. Perhaps a dose of TV gives her a connection to the outside world as she dislikes going out unless it’s necessary. She doesn’t like going at much as she feels she has so much “crap” to carry around.

Though naps and TV are out of character I have to stop and think that she is changing and her body is slowing down.  What did my brother call it, “The new normal.”  Naps and TV seem to be the new normal.  I am not sure how I feel about this.   I am concerned, is mom bored? Do I need to try and entertain her more?  I’m not sure.



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