Hashimoto’s and Thyroid Disease

Soooo….. I went to a nurse practitioner the other day.  For insurance purposes (Yeah!  I finally have insurance again!!!) it was for a well check – and I did need one – but it really was to get some blood work done for my thyroid.  Ever since I started reading about how wheat, gluten and how  auto-immune disease appear to be correlated, or at least effected by, I have been wanting to be more pro-active in my healthcare.

With this visit I found out that I do have Hashimoto’s.  My last practitioner failed to mention to me that he did do an anti-bodies test, which I guess was quite elevated, but didn’t bother to mention to  me that one, he ordered the test and two didn’t tell me the results.  Growl.  And THAT folks is one of the reasons he is no longer my health care provider.

My NP definitely is more traditional in her medical background, as opposed to holistic.  However, so far she has been open to what I have told her.  For example, about wheat and auto-immune connection.  Time will tell if we will continue to mesh.

At least for now I have a renewed prescription for my thyroid.  Here’s to feeling better in the near future.




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