A Caregiver’s Story…. Rearranging

Mom made her first trek upstairs since she’s been home from the hospital.  She approves of the room and how it looks.  There is decluttering to be done, even so, it looks more like a bedroom as opposed to a den.

The couch that was in the den, now bedroom,  is in the living room and the painting that was above the old couch doesn’t match the less formal couch. So during a thrift store shopping trip we bought a painting to go over the new couch in the living room.  The new painting is considerably smaller than the one it replaced, so we have been looking for something suitable to add dimension.  We finally found something and hung three small black framed mirrors.  It looks elegant and looks like it has always been there.  Mom is happy with the look these items make to the room.

I chuckle at how tickled she is with the arrangement, especially since she originally did not want to purchase the new painting.  But, I pressed the issue because she kept grumbling that she didn’t care for the old painting and was tired of it.

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