your nutrition questions – is popcorn healthy?

This is a well stated article about my favorite snack… popcorn!

The Muffin Myth

is popcorn healthy // the muffin myth

From time to time a reader emails me with a nutrition question, and up until now I’ve been answering most of them by email. I thought that I’d start answering some of these nutrition questions on the blog as y’all might be interested in the answer!

Is popcorn healthy? Well, yes. And no. Let’s break it down.

Popcorn is one of six types of corn cultivated around the world today. It’s scientific name is zea mays everta, and it is the only type of corn that will pop when heated. The ability to pop stems from the moisture content inside the kernel, which for popcorn is around 14%.

Popcorn is an intact whole grain, which means that the bran, the germ, and the endosperm are all intact within the kernel. Popcorn is high in fiber, particularly insoluble, which is kind of like a cleanup crew for your digestive tract…

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