Come Meet My Friend…

My friend Christi is a proud person. She’s never reached out and asked for anything despite many hardships that have come  her way.  Life has dealt her some hard knocks but she keeps doing what she has to do to survive. For her to create a page and ask for help is HUGE. She isn’t scamming, she is trying to keep a roof over her families head.  What she is, is a single mom in a tight spot.

So with  this tiny blog I am trying to help her out  and share her gofundme page. In getting  the word out I am dreaming big, my intentions are set and I have great expectations as I write these words. The web is a big place, if this blog reached three thousand  people and each person felt moved to help, her gofundme goal would be met.  Three thousand people and one dollar. I don’t think there is anywhere that you can get a coffee for that, is there?  If you feel led to help, click on the picture and it will take you to the gofundme website where she is registered. The site also allows her tell a bit of her story. I’ll let you read it cause she tells her story better than I do.

Chrisit's kids

Through it all, Christi is raising smart, motivated, talented and compassionate kids. She is a champion in my book.


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