Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms

A while back, I made grilled quinoa stuffed peppers. They were quite tasty, thank you very much. But, alas  here  I have  left over quinoa filling still beckoning me from my refrigerator.   I thought I was going to throw the extra quinoa into the eggs and create a fritatta. Then I spied the mushrooms that I purchased. They were HUGE and perfect for holding something delectable. Right then and there, I decided I would stuff those mushrooms with the leftover quinoa and have  grilled quinoa stuffed mushrooms with dinner.

I am a huge proponent of reworking leftovers. To me it’s fun to take one thing, turn it into another meal and then maybe one more. It is beyond my comprehension that there are people out there who won’t eat leftovers.
My mom tells a story of a friend who was throwing out a cooked ham because her husband would not eat leftovers. WOW! Right off the top of my head I can think of three “new” dishes that I can make with that ham. Scalloped or au gratin potatoes with ham, a ham omelette or split pea soup with ham. It would be a shame to  forget the standard classic, a  gorgeous ham sandwich. Can you imagine the waste? But, I digress.

I popped out the stems of those babies and minced them. Then I scooped out the gills and extra flesh from the mushrooms and added it to the rest of the mince.

Look at these Beauties.

Look at these Beauties.

I took the stems and sauteed them with a few spices like… oh… garlic, ground coriander, fresh ground pepper and some turmeric. (I’ve been adding turmeric to a lot of dishes lately. It’s purported to be good for inflammation in the body. Shhh, don’t tell anyone I add it, it’s a secret.) I then added the leftover quinoa and heated it up with the sauteed mushroom parts.

My mom is on a low sodium diet so I halved the mixture and put some savory bacon bits into one half and heated that to get the bacon flavor good and mixed in. I then added a small handful of our homemade pizza cheese blend, (another post for another time.), into each mixture and stuffed those beautiful mushrooms. I topped the bacon mushrooms with a bit of cheese blend so I could tell which had bacon and which did not.

Ready for the Grill

Ready for the Grill

I was in such a rush to eat these babies that I forgot to take an after grilling picture.  My bad. So, you will just need to trust me that the end results were beautiful and oh so tasty.


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