A Caregiver’s Story…. The Cat’s Away the Mice will Play

My sister and brother in law stayed with mom while I was taking care of my own home. Gratefully, they extended their stay in order to pick me up at the airport. Mom is no longer comfortable driving farther then the nearest store so,  I appreciated the ride as it saved me the cost of leaving my car at the airport. Plus I wasn’t keen about navigating the airport with my super-sized suitcase in tow.

On the drive back to moms, my BIL talked about mom’s energy level and how he felt mom was doing.  I get the impression that my BIL feels that mom should go into a retirement facility and I am not really sure why. Does he feel I don’t giver her adequate care? Does he think she’s bored? 

I know that I cannot offer mom lots of entertainment.  I try to get her to go places with me and do things, but most of the time she says she is too tired. But while I was gone, my BIL said mom had been constantly on the go.  They’d been shopping, going out to dinner or mom’s been in the kitchen whipping up something. Apparently, her energy level has been high.  When mom is taking care of guests, especially family, she is  in her element.  I’m just praying that mom doesn’t crash like she has almost every time guests keep her on the move.

The  next bit of time is going to be busy.  As you may recall, mom is officially “graduating” from hospice.  This means new service providers for all the durable medical equipment.


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