A Caregiver’s Story…. The Switch

It was a day from Hell. There, I actually said it.

Before I went out of town, “The Switch” was set up and everything should have gone smooth as silk.  Sigh. The switch wasn’t even close to going smooth; it was more like being dragged behind a moving vehicle over gravel type smooth.

The company that brought the hospice equipment was ready to retrieve their equipment. They were so helpful, they also arranged for mom to keep the hospital bed.  The new oxygen company, ahhhh well, that is a whole other story.  When I called to verify that they were coming, after fifteen minutes of being on hold, the front office manager got on the phone and said, “We have no record of a delivery.”  Nor did they “know” who mom was.  It took everything that I had to keep myself from coming unglued.  The whole conversation was completely suspicious because occasionally things were said didn’t jive with “we have no record.”  Umm. Yeah. Riiiiight.

Anyway, between the difficulties I initially had trying to set mom up with this company and now this debacle, I decided to completely fire them and try another oxygen company.

I ended up hiring a national company and at this point, the only item they are missing is the actual doctor’s prescription for the need of oxygen; and according to the doctor’s office that should be delivered to them sometime tomorrow.

Through all of this change over stress, mom admits she is tired.  She hasn’t done much but sit in her chair. She also took about an hour nap.


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