A Family Farm Needs a Hand

Recently I visited a Co-op Farm in Oregon. (Our Table Cooperative)  They sell food items with other farmers/producers that have a similar vision of sustainable and organic farming.  Last weekend, Our Table had the grand opening of their retail store, and I got the pleasure of being able to chat with the farmers and taste many of their products.  For me it wasn’t just about visiting a new store.  For me it was, in part, research and taking a look see at the possibilities for my future farm.

Yesterday I found out, one of the farms that attended the opening had a barn fire the next day. They completely lost their barn, some equipment and a few animals.  (Deck Family Farm)

I realize it may feel like I have been posting a lot of requests for financial help.  But, what better way for me to help my friends, family, neighbors or community than writing about a need?  My blog has a limited reach but, besides donating actual cash, my time and blog space is a way for me to help when I believe in a person(s) or cause.  These types of personal disasters may get a small blurb in the local paper so,  I write to bring an awareness to a potentially larger audience. My reach may be limited but every one who reads this can share so that reach grows exponentially.

I (We) never know, for sure, if the help given actually does anything.  But, in my attempt I know it is more helpful than to do nothing. In a way it reminds me of the Edmund Burke quote,

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is good men to do nothing.”

YouCaring.com – Deck Family Farm – Donation Page


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