Homemade Corn Bread – Gluten Free

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Mom loves cornbread with chili.  I try to remember to make it when we decide upon an evening meal of chili. Mom is usually fine with a box mix – for me it’s OK but, I will no longer eat it because of the wheat in it.

So, in order for me to enjoy some fresh made cornbread, I decided to try and find a cornbread recipe that didn’t use wheat.  I had one requirement, besides no wheat, it needed to be easy. And this is what I found. Gluten Free Cornbread  from Gluten Free on a Shoestring.

I knew when reading the post that this was an easy recipe because  Nicole stated that substitutions could be made, though she won’t guarantee the results.  Substitutions are excellent, because I didn’t have any yogurt nor a lot of sour cream.  For the fat/liquid in my recipe I subbed half a cup of sour cream and a cup of half and half. Other then that, I made it exactly as she wrote it.

I was concerned that the bread would be dry, even with a cup of half and half.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn’t super moist but neither was it overly dry and crumbly.  (It stayed fairly moist, even with subsequent reheatings.) It wasn’t super sweet, which is a positive thing in my book.  This is a definite keeper.

Next time that I make this I will add a few things.  Fresh cooked or frozen corn and probably some green chilies if I can find some that aren’t too hot.

What is your must have when you make chili?


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