my 6 reasons

I have a  talented friend.  A friend you say?  Darin’ actually has friends??  OK, I admit it, I DO have friends and truly, all my friends are talented but not all of them have a blog post that I want to share.  This lovely person is the one who helped me Blue it Up for Pulmonary Fibrosis.

my 6 reasons, isn’t that a GREAT name?  I love it.  The name is as creative as she is, you should go check out her about page, my 6 reasons. Then you’ll have a better idea of why I think she is so talented. Go, I’ll wait…… You’re back! See, I waited. I am  amazed at the things she gets done. Wife, mom, teacher, baker, bookkeeper, beautician and crafter. … that’s a long list!

At Christmas, she shared some handcrafted goodies with me and mine. One of the items we received was homemade Kahlua.  I tell you this, that Kahlua did not last long in our house. Maybe I should ask her for another sample, so the guys could at least taste it. <sheepish grin.>  But ya know, the Kahlua recipe isn’t the post that I originally wanted to share with you.

Back in November m6r posted a blog of her homemade coffee syrups. I thought they sounded delicious. They had me rethinking my stance about flavored coffee.  I don’t flavor my coffee, even when I go to Starbucks, I will usually order tea or drip coffee with cream. But, I thought y’all might appreciate the different recipes and ideas for flavoring your coffee.  You do know if you make your own you will know exactly what’s in your syrups??

Well now, y’all have three reasons to go visit my 6 reasons.  Go share some blog love with her and let her know what you think of the recipes.


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