A Caregiver’s Story…. A Scare

For a glimpse back at what’s going on.  In Sickness.………

Mom scared the beegezus out of me.

After she slept for a couple of hours I went in and checked on her.  She said she was ready to try some solids… sort of solids.  Liquid food?  I offered her the choice of a few easily digestible items. She chose a tangerine Popsicle and scarfed that right down.  Then she went back to sleep.

After a bit,  I heard her coughing and thought,  “Uh-oh, she is going to throw up again.”    As I peeked around the door jamb and entered her room I saw her on the FLOOR!  “Mom, are you alright?”  She responded, “Yes, I slipped outta bed reaching for the damn tissues.”  Then I heard…” I broke my hip.”  WHAT??  Mom repeats a little louder, “I bumped my hip.”  Oh… ok… my pulse slowed down, some.  It took a good while to get her back into bed from the floor.  I am not strong enough to pick her up and she is weak.  Eventually we figured out if she gets on her knees we can get her back into bed.

Holy bologna…. Scared four years of my life off me!  Though her falling out of bed is a reality check. I need to figure out how to be able to pick her up if she is in a state that she can’t help.

Side note: When I talked to people in the know about this they said… “CALL 911.” OK.  Will do.


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