A Tree Falls in …. My Town USA

Recently our neighbors, to the north, had some large trees removed from their yard.  It’s true, we live on small lots, about .13 of an acre, so large trees being removed is a pretty significant process. Umm, by small I mean I can view my neighbors kitchen from my bedroom, and I can almost make out what they are having for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love my house, especially my porch. That is my tranquil place and extra living space during the warmer months.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been getting the porch tidied and spiffed up for the coming season. But I digress, we were talking about my neighbors tree removal.

As I was saying we live on some small lots and the the neighbors have this huge aged cottonwood that shades their front porch.  There’ve been two occurrences that started the whole hub bub. The first  incident occurred last fall.  During a party/barbecue there was a freak windstorm and a huge branch broke off and fell to the ground. Luckily no one was near the tree. Well, a couple of days ago, with no provocation,  another huge branch fell. It crashed landed on… nothing.  It missed the more northern neighbors perfect picket fence, no vehicles or sports paraphernalia were damaged, but more importantly no small children were crushed.

Since the neighbors did not wish to tempt fate three times, they had the tree inspected to see if it  should be trimmed back or did it need to come down.  Unfortunately, the tree was dry rotting and would continue to fall apart limb by limb if it was not cut down.  While the arborist was here the neighbors talked to him about cutting down a pain in the behind pine tree that grows between our houses. This pine tree will eventually upend both porches with it’s roots and honestly the limbs are getting so wide that I can no longer get around the tree to mow the lawn. Our two households have  been discussing removing the pine for ages so when the tree company says they will throw in the pines removal for free, well that is just a bonus.

Leap forward to TR-Day. (Tree Removal Day.)  Three large trucks, a chipper  (yaw… like the one in Fargo) and miscellaneous other equipment arrive.  After a quick set up in the front yard, the noise and rattling started. There were the ear-protected crew yelling at each other, the chain saws ear splitting buzz and lifts all making a cacophony of house shaking, bone rattling noise. However, there was a brief respite of a thunder storm that stopped the mechanical noise for about an hour but truly, the rattling lasted all…. blessed….day. It was enough to set my teeth on edge and give me a tension headache.  If I would have been a bit smarter, I would have gotten us all out of the house to escape the racket. (Our neighbors did.)

Speaking of “us”, let me tell you how my dog was reacting to this.  Not well.  She kept trying to find a place to hide and never found the right spot, until I figured out she needed her safe place to feel, well, safe.  But prior to using my head, I gave her a calming pill.  It’s an herbal supplement that I got from the vet for a different dog we had that hated the first week in July.  I had the bright idea to give the supplement in the hopes it would calm her down and help her relax. Nope, not so lucky. That pill amplified every odd behavior that my beloved pooch has.  That pill did not calm her down, it had her acting paranoid, anxious, skittish and all kinds of weird.  Mind you, my dog is a special kind of “different” but this pill had her on the outskirts.  Even her tail wasn’t working right, it dangled limp and at an odd angle.

Overall, my dog is a very happy and joyful dog, as long as loud noises and unfamiliar stuff isn’t happening around her.  And one of the quirky things about her, that will always get a huge grin from me, is her propeller tail. When she is running after a ball and catches it, as she slows down her tail goes in a circle like a propeller. It’s insanely endearing.  So for her tail to be broken had me thinking that I neuro-poisoned my dog. I was worried, scared and couldn’t sleep.   I couldn’t sleep in part because she didn’t sleep well either.  She flip and flopped and when she wasn’t restless, she was having nightmares and crying out in her sleep.  It was a fur mamma’s nightmare – a  sick animal and there is nothing I can do but wait it out. So yep, I waited in self incriminating discomfort to see if my fur baby would recover.

I am relieved to say that she did recover. The paranoia went away first but her tail still wasn’t working. Eventually, her tail lifted some and I could see the countenance of my happy go lucky pooch coming back. Then an actual wag – such joy to see that tail freely move. Now I just need to get her out on a walk and see if that propeller is working properly.

It took the tree removal company two days to cut down the trees and grind down the stumps.  So, for my poor dog with the help of drugs, it must of been a hellish couple days.  I know it was for me.  Not because the removal of the trees, that I am happy about.  I can freely mow my side yard and my north facing garden is going to flourish with all the sun exposure it is going to get.  There isn’t going to be a deep freeze till June on that side any more.  No, it was hellish because of the fear that I broke my dog. I have sworn off giving sedatives to my pooch but now, come the first week of July, it is going to be interesting around here.


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  1. #1 by Paula on June 28, 2015 - 9:19 am

    It’s one reason I love living in the middle of nowhere. Even the neighbors crazy Fourth of July hi-jinks don’t bother our dogs much because there’s so much space between us.
    I know it was a painful experience with your dog, but perhaps seeing your vet for a prescription specifically for her would be helpful in the future?

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