Bread, Beer and My Auto-Immune

Can I just say Yummm.

Can I just say Yummm.

I have a friend who loves craft beer.  Not only is it a hobby for her, as I stated numerous times at the tasting she hosted, “It’s her second job.”  People laughed when I said that but, I know how true that statement is.  I see how much work she puts into her so called hobby. Take it from me, she is going to make her mark on the beer world one day, you’ll see.

In reality, I should not be drinking beer with my immunity problems.  But there are times I can’t help myself. Like when I’m invited to a beer tasting hosted by my friend.

But in choosing to attend the tasting, I decided to embark on an experiment. Most of the time I attempt to eat as gluten/wheat free as I am able because of my GA and Hashimoto’s.  My GA hasn’t gone away but it has been looking better so I wanted to see if it was because of being gluten/wheat free (ish), was it the supplements I was taking or was it something else?  With that question bobbling in my head, I decided that I would not worry as much about ingesting wheat for a while and see what happens.  It isn’t as easy as it sounds either.  You don’t drop an ingrained habit easily!

So in my experimentation, I didn’t eat my hamburger bun-less and ordered beer instead of wine.  I ate battered mushrooms and chicken tenders.  I had olive loaf bread. Olive loaf used to be a favorite of mine, but I didn’t care for the one I had. It was doughy and to much like everyday white bread; It wasn’t good enough to waste my calories on.  If I was offered food, I didn’t ask if there was wheat in it.  I even had regular pizza. And, have I mentioned…. I went to a beer tasting?

I have to tell you that I love bread and a good beer, these are two of my weaknesses. (I have others but this post is about beer and bread.) However, I will add that the bread really needs to be a good artisan bread, no soft malleable bread for me. I am so picky about my bread that that is how I picked my hamburger that I ate, by the style of the bun! Additionally, I prefer a good craft beer over a Bud or Coors.  Now, don’t get your dander up, like one of the folks at the tasting, about your Coors.  Sure I can be snobby about my beer but I used to drink Budweiser before I was introduced to craft beers.  It’s like anything that is a specialty, you need to try it to see if you like it and sometimes it requires a getting used to.  I can still drink a Budweiser but it tastes watered down for my taste. I now want and need a little depth to my beer.

The day of the tasting, was a hot one and I spent the afternoon pampering myself with new clothes, a new hairdo, lunch out and a day all for myself.  Meaning no care giving for a couple hours.  It was a much needed break. To top my indulgent day off, I spent a gorgeous evening out in the country. I met some new friends, I got to cuddle sleepy puppies, taste excellent beers, and exercised my funny bone all the while swatting away the mosquitoes. (I think the mosquitoes won.) Sounds like the perfect day doesn’t it?

But, I think my experiment deserves it own post, that is, if I have anything interesting to report. Besides, for now I am still experimenting, because I have been invited to another tasting.  And I must attend.


If you think you might be interested in a few mouth watering beer reviews.  Head on over to my friends Instagram Account. As long as you don’t mind an R rating, you won’t be sorry.   Lightlybiased.


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  1. #1 by Paula on July 11, 2015 - 9:09 pm

    Loved this. You have a strength that is foreign to so many…at least I don’t see it often!
    Best support system – EVER.

    Liked by 2 people

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