Magic Valley Beer Fest

My Instagram-beer-hosting-my-hobby-is-my-second-job friend and I had a good time at the 4th annual ‪#‎magicvalleybeerfest‬. I love my neon orange DD (designated driver) bracelet. It didn’t clash with my outfit. I didn’t imbibe but, it was fun meeting great people like ‪#‎edgebrewery‬ out of Boise, an up and coming brewery. Keep them on your radar folks. My beer devotee friend loved the beers that they served and everyone she talked to, she told them that they “had” to go try their brews.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she might be dragging…. um, I mean taking…. me to the brewery in the near future.

We also visited the ‪#‎grandtetonbrewingco booth.  I think for her it was a tie with the Sour Grand Saison, Farmhouse Ale and the Lost Continent Double IPA. Hats off to our fine host!

And ‪#‎odellbrewingco‬ I think her fav there was the Brombee BlackBerry Gose. Once again another fine host, who took good care of us. By the way, thanks for taking some pics of us, group selfies are a bit difficult at times.  However, for me, I think I like the close-ups better then the full body stuff.

There were a lot of good brews and of course some not good, but the three I mentioned were the most memorable.  I couldn’t tell you the bands that were playing but it was all enjoyable music, it got my toes tapping and my hips swaying to the beat.  It was a very hot day for tapping kegs; the ice companies must have made a fortune, keeping those kegs cool.

My one tip that I gleaned from the days experience, unlike humans, your freshly poured beer does not like being exposed to the sun. Even with a short stint it’ll turn funky on you and not taste the same as when it was first poured.There my public service announcement for the day.

I am thinking that that park might have a smell reminiscent to Bourbon Street in New Orleans today. At wine tastings you have the bucket to pour your unwanted wine into – no buckets to be found at the Beer Fest – the grass was the bucket. Hot temps old beer…. yep, it’s gonna have some funky smell going on.

All in all, it was a fine day.  It was good enough that I can’t wait to go for the 5th annual Beer Fest. Until next year, cheers!


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