Rogue Discs and Good People

There are still nice people in the world; and I received my reminder of that the other day.

The goat and I were out for a walk. (If you want to know why I call my dog a goat, go HERE.) Since she needs to expend more energy then I, during these days of snow covered walking paths and marrow numbing temperatures, we only throw a flying disc. This Hyperpet Flippy Flopper is made of goat resistant material and does not sink into the snow. It’s perfect for a goat who loves to chase and retrieve.

For the record, I cannot throw this disc well; it frequently flies defiantly rogue and in the opposite direction I want it to go. During the warm summer months an errant throw is easily fixed because the goat has no problem going anywhere, even into the pasture, under barbed wire to get her “Precious.” This time of year it’s a different story. I can’t tell you exactly why she won’t proceed into the pasture that just months ago had no second thought about going into. Because she has no difficulty swimming through deep snow.  She must instinctively know that there is barbed wire within that snow and refuses to pass the wire and retrieve. (I have never thought her dumb.)

So, guess who gets to retrieve that disc in knee deep snow? Yep, me. I guess it’s only fair, I am the one who threw it.

I bet you have a hunch where this story is headed.

You would be correct, if you figured I once again threw that disc into the pasture. Unfortunately, this time, I threw it too far for me to reach over the wire and grab it. To top it off, I was not dressed for tromping into knee deep snow. So, I beg the goat one last time to go get it. But, she just looks quizzically at me, tilts her head with an expression that says, “Mom, why are you not getting me my Precious?” Since neither of us is willing to retrieve the disc, we head for home.  I need to get properly dressed for getting close to the fence and bring along something to grab the disc.

By the time the goat and I get back to the disc, it’s gone. I walk a little further to make sure that I didn’t mistake where it landed but I should’ve guessed I remembered correctly by all the disturbed snow. Someone has stolen the goat’s Precious and I am dumbfounded! Why would anyone want a beat up, chewed up, and holey flying disc? Even the goat looks accusingly up at me, “Mom?  Isn’t this were you left my Precious? You know, you shouldn’t have left it alone!” We turn to head home and I silently ponder the why and grumble about the terrible humanity in my neighborhood. Stealing a dog toy. People. The nerve.

All the way home I mumble about the audacity of people. But, as I get closer to our house, the mailbox planter looks different. Because of all the snow it is positioned closer to the street and walkway then during warm weather months. As we pass by the planter, I look closer.  I see the disc.  One of my neighbors, who we passed during our walk, went and retrieved that disc, knew where the goat lived, and left it for her.  I had to take back every mean thought I thought and ask for forgiveness for not having any faith.

I am still a bit dumbstruck and the act still makes me smile. And I have no clue as to who to thank.

Thank you my kind neighbor, whichever one you are. I am enjoying being wrong about you and retelling the story of your good deed.

Thank you for the reminder that there are still good people out in this world.



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  1. #1 by bluestempond on January 11, 2016 - 4:01 am

    Hooray for kind people who notice dogs.

    Liked by 1 person

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