Growing the Family – Reblog

I’ve never met April in person. I know April because of a group we belong to on Facebook. What I know best about her is her growing fashion sense.  Online, April appears strong, outgoing and well put together.  But, April was harboring a secret.  She was keeping this secret from everyone, including her family.

To me, this woman shows true strength in sharing her story.  She risked soul-baring exposure in her desire to help others who share in her secret.

How Niacin Saved My life: Battling Depression

Depression will lie to you.  It will insidiously whisper in your ear, that your family and friends are better off without you. Depression will rob your confidence and self worth. Depression will zap your appetite for life.

I beg you, don’t allow depression to steal one more day of your life. If you or someone you know struggles with depression, know you are not alone in your disease.   It may take everything you have to reach out and get help.  But those that love you will be grateful that you did.


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