A Caregiver’s Story….Family

People asked me how I was doing.  I told them,  “I am doing fine, I’ve had lots of practice going to the emergency room and admitting family into the hospital.”

Mom chuckled at my statement cause she knows that she’s the one I have had lots of practice with.  She has helped me to know what items that I will need for the extended ER visit. She is the one with whom I have learned to be patient with the inevitable long wait. With her, I have been taught  how to remain calm while my ill loved one attempts to rest while we wait.  To wait for results, to wait for hypothesis’s, to wait for a room.

It is interesting to me how much we learn how we feel about someone when they are sick enough to head to the ER.

So often family gets on our nerves and we need them to get out of our sight. But, just one eensey tiny visit to the ER and our perspective changes. If there is any love for this individual it comes out one hundred fold. Clearly we feel our need and love; it crashes over in waves of what ifs.  And this time, you have to stop yourself because the what if didn’t come to fruition. Not today.

Heal quickly. We need you here.  Heaven can wait.


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