A Caregiver’s Story….Flashback Installment #1 Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes


Since Christmas, my world has turned upside down. Mom is needing more help in her daily activities, is unsteady on her feet, has a harder time breathing, is taking longer to recover from exertion (and her extremities actually turn purple while recovering.) And I do not feel comfortable leaving the house for any length of time.

Mom is waking me up at night, and I am sleep deprived. (I finally understand what new parents must feel.)  I wasn’t sleeping so hot before but now worry doesn’t let me soundly sleep.

The biggest change?  Mom is having me cancel all her activities and appointments. She even canceled her mammogram. Canceling her mammogram is huge. HUGE! Mom has faithfully gone for a yearly mammogram ever since she was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.

This turn is unnerving. I dread what these events are signaling.

I have always known that life is fatal.

I am not ready.




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