Caregiver’s Story…. Flashback Installment #4 Imminent Death

I thought I behaved different from my brother.  I have teased, poked, prodded, and chided him for appearing to bury his head deep in the sand, to avoid life and it’s more difficult issues. For him, If he doesn’t acknowledge something, it doesn’t exist. Apparently I had been borrowing a page from his book in how to deal with life.

Symptoms of Approaching Death

In looking at this link post death, I think mom bounced back and forth between a pre-active phase and active phase. Hindsight is giving me more clues than I was able to comprehend while actively going through this life event. In reading my posts, I now recognize things that I missed. Things mom said, things mom did.  She was preparing me the best she knew how.

I am comforted by the below quote.  I truly believe mom waited until we were with her to pass on.  According to the quote the best gift we could give her was to be there and to tell her we love her.

“Always remember that your loved one can often hear you even up till the very end, even though he or she cannot respond by speaking. Your loving presence at the bedside can be a great expression of your love for your loved one and help him to feel calmer and more at peace at the time of death”  ~Hospice Alliance


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