A Caregiver’s Story….Escaping

***This post was began in July of 2014***

Every now and again, I get an afternoon to myself.

Usually, I am only free to run errands but, when it feels right, I’ll break free. I will run my errands and treat myself to lunch.  Truly, what a treat it is.

I’m sure it may seem odd. Me, alone,  absorbed in my phone or as I’m doing today writing notes and letters. I’ll sit, write and enjoy a glass of wine. And I will lollygag. Hmm, lollygag.  I am not sure that’s the right word because my time is useful to me.

Today, my being is craving something spicy, and  I’ve escaped to one of my favorite pizza places. I know just what will curb that craving.

In anticipation my mouth is watering. I place my regular order. Andouille sausage, caramelized onions, and pepperoncinis on gluten free crust. I love the bite of the andouille and pepperoncinis, not hot not too mild. It is the perfect blend of heat with a tang of vinegar. The caramelized onions add the right touch of contrary sweetness. Still, I add chili peppers. Pizza, it’s one of my indulgences in life.

My pizza comes quickly. Immediately I see why. It isn’t exactly what I ordered. But today the staff is lucky. I’m in an excellent mood and I won’t complain. The manager approaches me and asks if everything is OK? I smile and nod, yes.  Truly it is; and today it was good enough. For, today I’m relishing my rare day out. I will extend my reprieve to others.  Even if they will never know.


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