Anxiety Attack


Last night I had to get out of bed, despite being dead tired (which I seem to be all the time right now), and try to get my brain to stop racing full tilt into that  harrowing pit of “What if….”

My heart galloped as fast as my brain. My breathing was shallow and quick. I had a bowling ball in my belly. Impending doom squashed my chest and mocked that my life is in utter shambles. I had an overwhelming urge to sob.

It finally dawned on me that I might be having an anxiety attack. So, I figured if I didn’t get up and do something right then and there it had potential to be an adult sized panic attack. So, I got outta bed to identify what exactly was going on.

As I read about anxiety symptoms I realized that yes indeed; I was having an anxiety attack. Not a major I-think-I-am-dying kind but none the less there it was, in black and white.  All the symptoms I was experiencing, plus a few dozen more that I was not. Never in my life have I felt I was the kind of person to let anxiety get the best of me. Guess what folks, it can happen to anyone.  And apparently women who are in or heading into menopause, because of changing hormone levels, are more likely to have panic and anxiety attacks. And if you have had attacks in the past, the probability of having an attack increases.

Soooooo…. This is what menopause is supposed to be about?

Welcome to the golden years ladies.

The good news is, supposedly once in full blown menopause, that is twelve full months of no menstruating, the anxiety levels go down.



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