I’m Gonna Miss that Bike


Over the summer I learned how to ride a dirt bike.  I never thought I would ride a motorcycle. When I was young, I tried to ride a motorized scooter. I got scared of the speed and jumped off. I wasn’t assured that I was doing fine and I wasn’t encouraged to try again. (A very consistent theme in my upbringing.)

Over the years, the hubs has persistently asked me to go dirt bike riding with him. I told him my fears and what happened to me as a child. I told him I didn’t like looking like a fool and I hate making mistakes. This perfectionist streak has kept me from trying new things. It’s silly, I know.

This summer I finally agreed to try dirt biking. With trepidation, one afternoon, I drove to our location and the hubs rode the bike. I took a long the motorcycle helmet that I have had for almost long as we’ve been married  I learned to drive a car in a stick shift so shifting didn’t make me nervous.  Truth be told, I prefer a stick shift over an automatic. My honey has been lovely with me. Not pushing me, not making me test my mettle but being patient, loving and accepting when I have reached my limit in a ride.

Today, I returned the dirt bike to her rightful owners. We rode there. Longest ride yet. I still get nervous/cautious in new terrain but, I don’t think that is a bad thing. I learn something new every ride. Every ride, I learn to trust the bike and learn to trust my own growing skills

I kinda wish that she was mine. She isn’t that powerful but she has enough strength for me at this time.  I don’t need more power than what she has to offer me.  I hope that her owners will let me ride her again.  But till then, I will miss her.  I had a certain calmness knowing she was in the garage waiting for me, that at any moment I could take her out for a cobweb clearing ride.

***The summer of 2017 was my second year of dirt bike riding***Jenn riding oct 2017


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