A CareGiver’s Story ….. Strolling Memory Lane

I was perusing my computer this morning and I came across this beauty of a tale. I wrote this in a different format but I still like what I wrote.  Enjoy.

Mothers Day for the Memory Books

Well doggone it Happy Mothers day! LOL….
My mothers day was a bit crazy and stressful. It started out all happy and sweet. The sun was shining and I was getting ready to make breakfast for me and my mom. We were going to my brothers, taking a veggie tray with lots of colorful vegetables on it and I was gonna get a wonderful calorie burning hike in. Yes, it was turning out to be a Glorious day!
When out from the living room I hear “Jennifer.” “Yes mom.” “Ummm…. I think you need to take me to the hospital.” ‘scuse me? Mom was feeling strangely dizzy and decided that a trip to the ER was in order. Scrambling to get some street clothes on and gather the necessary items to make a long ER stay tolerable for the “non-patient” we head on over to the ER. The drive is about 45 minutes and bearable as mom is actually in pretty good spirits, considering. No dizzy spells while we were driving. That’s a good thing.
We get to the ER, checked in and hooked up to all possible contraptions to monitor every little vital sign. The monitor starts a dinging…. the nurses look up from what they are doing…. and mom says she is feeling dizzy. A little bit later we get a repeat….. ding ding ding….. I’m feeling a little light headed.
To make a long story short…. apparently every time that mom got dizzy, her heart was pausing. What ever that really means. The doc is puzzled at this because every other physical sign mom has is good and strong. Nothing strange and out of the ordinary. The ER Doc checks with my moms cardiologist and gets an Ok to send her home. Home? Pausing heart and it’s ok to send her home? Yes. Stop this medication that could be slowing down your heart and tomorrow morning call your cardiologist and get an appointment asap. No driving, no shopping… take it easy until you see your cardiologist. Come back to the ER if you start getting more dizzy spells (she only had the two the whole time we were there) or if you get additional symptoms. All righty, will do.
My mind is kinda spinning at this point and full of what ifs. I am her full time care taker… as needed, she is actually quite capable of taking care of herself when healthy, which she usually is. But still, when your mom is sick, logic is not always at the forefront. Especially right after an incident. I am a bit apprehensive of being alone with her all day…. cause I know myself, I will be hovering…. watching…. just waiting for something to happen.
But then mom pipes up to the doctor, “What about going for a visit? We were planning on going over to my son’s today?” the doc asks “what will you be doing? Anything strenuous?” “No, just visiting.” “Then that should be just fine.”
Hallelujah and sweet relief flooded my whole being. At this mothers day gathering will be two nurses and about fifteen others attending. I won’t be the only one hovering!
We get released from the ER, head on home to gather the presents and food… change our clothes and head on over to my brothers. Hugs were handed out and inquiring minds questioned what happened during our morning. We ate and ate some more, visited, played some games till it was time to go home. All at the moment is well.
And my day ended with a posting to my Facebook page…..
“One sweaty, heart pumping stress relieving hike…. priceless!!”

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