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My blog is in transition as I too am in a period of equal transition. My mom has signed up for Hospice care and as her primary caregiver, on and off for five years, I get the privilege of tagging along for the ride. I don't plan on focusing strictly on the topic of Hospice because there is more to me and my life then care giving. My goal in my blog is to write about all aspects of my life. Care giving, Hospice, Faith, Health, Food, Recipes, exercise and of course my frustrations that visit occasionally. My humor is dry and at times dark. I try to say what I mean and mean what I say, and have been accused of being at times, blunt. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world.

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A Caregiver’s Story….Mother’s Day

Growing up, my mom would sometimes cook scrambled eggs with bologna for breakfast. I loved the salty flavor of the fried bologna in my eggs.  I’d dip my fork into the egg, bring the mixture to my mouth, and get a burst of savory.  So good! I haven’t thought about that in a long time. And why the […]

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Why the Dying See Their Deceased Relatives Before They Go – http://wp.me/p3UbQi-4D

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A Caregiver’s Story….Flashback #1 Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

  Since Christmas, my world has turned upside down. Mom is needing more help in her daily activities, is unsteady on her feet, has a harder time breathing, is taking longer to recover from exertion (and her extremities actually turn purple while recovering.) And I do not feel comfortable leaving the house for any length […]

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A Caregiver’s Story….Flashback Installments

Moms death caught me by surprise. Oh, I knew she was dying but I thought she had months, not days. I thought I had more time. Because I thought I had more time, I wasn’t in a hurry to complete blog drafts. Going through those days, I was not able to publish them in part […]

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A Caregiver’s Story…. Six in the Morning

It’s six in the morning and I watch mom take her last breath. I tell her I love her and that it is going to be okay. Who was I saying that to, me or her? She died how she wanted, at home in her bed, in her sleep. I can be grateful for that. […]