Daring to Dream it

My blog is in transition as I too am in a period of equal transition. My mom has signed up for Hospice care and as her primary caregiver, on and off for five years, I get the privilege of tagging along for the ride. I don't plan on focusing strictly on the topic of Hospice because there is more to me and my life then care giving. My goal in my blog is to write about all aspects of my life. Care giving, Hospice, Faith, Health, Food, Recipes, exercise and of course my frustrations that visit occasionally. My humor is dry and at times dark. I try to say what I mean and mean what I say, and have been accused of being at times, blunt. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world.

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DtDi Inspirations

Ever have one of those days when you compare yourself to others and that comparing makes you feel like trash? Yep, I am having one of those days. Today I am comparing myself with others and the beautiful people of FB;  and I am finding myself lacking. Mind you, I am not fishing for compliments […]

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Daring to Dream it.

These arrived in my mailbox this morning.  I am a bit excited.

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Our Figventure with Destiny Rescue.

There aren’t many things or people that I get behind.  This gal is one of those people.  If she feels God is wanting her to do this, God will do it for her.  But, I want to help her get her desire out there. How do I describe Lacie… As with what she says about […]

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Caregiver’s Story…. Flashback Installment #4 Imminent Death

I thought I behaved different from my brother.  I have teased, poked, prodded, and chided him for appearing to bury his head deep in the sand, to avoid life and it’s more difficult issues. For him, If he doesn’t acknowledge something, it doesn’t exist. Apparently I had been borrowing a page from his book in how […]

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A Caregiver’s Story…. Flashback Installment #3 Nighttime Conversations

In the evenings, when everyone else is asleep, mom and I talk. We are waiting for her “shot” to take effect and see if she needs another, so we have time. Our serious conversations, generally, she initiates. She tells me of what jewelry she has left, who she wants to have what. She talks about where I […]

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